Thursday, July 19, 2007

National Highways

Driving back from Chennai a week ago I was pleasantly surprised by the handiwork of NHAI.

It is over a year since I traveled to Chennai by road and what welcomed me as soon as I got off the Chennai city limits was a 4 lane road that continued uninterrupted; if there was anything that had to do with a stretch without a 4 lane road then it was a 6 lane road.

It would be amiss if I do not mention the excellent work by NHAI in constructing the roads; when one drives on this road we are left wondering if we are using a highway in India or are on a freeway in another nation.

The authorities have ensured- the existence of well tarred roads, with adequate support in the form of ambulance on call, regular police patrol, no hawkers, no unauthorized vendors, boards with speed limit mentioned and prominent boards that have numbers listed in case you would need support of police or medical support.

There is a ‘toll fee’ one needs to pay to use the road – but one can def pay a small fee for the excellent service rendered.

Will the other states take a note of this and be quick in learning and implementing similar stretches of world class roads rather than giving the public, excuses about land acquisition, tenders, monsoon, etc.

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