Monday, March 12, 2007

Dog-Tired Of Stray Dogs

Bangalore- India's third-largest city and fifth-largest metropolitan, has recently called for criticism about the way the authorities have handled the four-legged menace.

It all started with a ghastly shock-when a pack of stray dogs mauled 8-year-old Sridevi to death (Chandra Layout) in January and rabid canines brutally killed four and half year old Manjunath (Banaswadi) in March. These incidents finally got the concerned authorities, animal right activists and all the citizens in the city into a tizzy.

I am left wondering if the government some day would order all humans to be culled because they have been involved in murders,execution,extortion,genocide,theft,slaughter,massacre,sexual assault & flesh eating.Will the state authorities advocate more such ghastly deaths like that of Sridevi & Manjunath?
Animal Right Activists:
Will animal right activists continue to raise a hue and cry about unethical treatment meted out to Strays and choose to remain silent during the death of innocent children? Will these groups continue to claim success because the Animal Birth Control (ABC) programme - a part of the amended Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1960 championed by Maneka Gandhi, succeeded in tackling barely 3000 strays over the last six years(after spending over Rs 5.64 crore) ?
Will the residents continue to throw garbage as per their fancies?Continue to open meat stalls without adequate permissions and dispose waste in ways best known to them and cry foul when dogs attack humans and vice-versa?
Will responsible residents adopt the dog and keep them @ home?

Has everyone forgotten the difference between being Proactive and Reacting, where have all the responsible people gone???
Has this city run out of visionaries?
Has this city run out of responsible citizens?
Is this incident a mockery of what we’ve always called as - Life?

The problem is far more serious, consider the thousands of cases of dog-bites, those involving postmen, telephone mechanics, courier or pizza delivery boys, which never get reported.Stand up for what it takes to be RESPONSIBLE.
Be Proactive


Anonymous said...

Hi Buddy!!! I assure u I am a responsible citizen and trying to wake up those never bothered citizens. I totally agree with what ur saying, in all these situations we definitely feel bad about the sad demise of small children, but who killed them DOG"S no I think every one who was careless is responsible. An animal behaved the way it had to, we cannot expect a flesh fed dog to come n lick u on ur face, they would certainly see you as a treat and attack w/o hesitation. Just killing dogs would do no good. The govt. might as well send an awareness note to every citizen to take authority and act as an matured and responsible citizen.

netwriter said...

Wish that Animal Right Activists should catch them and not Kill them brutally on Road, they could be trained to be a best sniffer dogs, for sure one dont have spent thousands on training a special police dogs.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Its a mistake from both ends. Citizens should take the responsibility of keeping their surroundings clean, not throwing garbage away as they feel like and most importantly not letting their kids play wherever they feel like. This also reminds me of a small boy falling inside a borewell and getting struck some 100s of feet below the ground and also another boy getting electrocuted while playing which was all in news before. So Dogs are not the only threat. 100s of dogs are killed on the road every day by vehicles running over them and nobody bothers. So even the govt has to take necessary action to control all these.

sakshi said...

Well quite a revelation...thanks!

Anonymous said...

'Remove a thorn with a thorn' is definitely not the strategy that one needs to take here. Dogs will behave in the manner thats best known to them, the children unfortunately was its food.

As responsible & moral citizens lets not just keep the insides of our house clean but our surroundings too & treat dogs with a little kindness, afterall its a man's best friend!

Joshi said...

Great write up.I hope that our people absorb the feeling expressed without adulteraion. To be responsible, practice ones duties and to be proactive should be the take aways from this.