Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Is this the new face of patriotism?

I am no die hard cricket fan; however the recent behaviors’ of the so-called angry fans that went on a rampage because of India’s loss @ the hands of Bangladesh has got me concerned about the state of affairs…
The urge to see my country excel and win the prestigious World cup is deep rooted in my heart, and so is it amongst the millions of people who were glued on to their TV sets over the weekend wanting to see their country Triumph.
However,the impulsive behavior of the people who took to vandalism to show their displeasure is criminal.
It is not acceptable to display the support for ‘Team India’ by attacking the families and properties of the chosen sport stars.
  • Is this the way we demonstrate the love for our country and the SPORT?
  • Is this how we stand up for our players who represent us?
  • Is this the new face of patriotism?

If people in this country want the Team to come back (Home) just because they lost ONE match, may be the law should read that INDIA should not participate in any sport as we may lose.
When the country is celebrating campaigns because INDIA has arrived, hoping the new age Indian has reformed - in reality is there lack in the skepticism of our minds?

  • Is the Indian whom the world perceives as a Leader, actually hot-headed and destructive?
  • Is this the way, youth of a Pulsating country behave?
  • Has the fear of failure out-grown the faith in success?
The team that represents each of us has sprung, stumbled, run, fallen, rolled-over, won and lost….. for us.

We should neither accept mediocre performance nor should we take to the streets to express our displeasure, after all if we don’t stand up for our players who will?

Remember: Destroying public property and shouting filthy slogans should not be the new Face of Patriotism-However,love for the country and willingness to sacrifice for it,should represent the true feeling.

When the Great Scorer comes to write against our names he writes not if we won
or lost- but how we played the game.


Anonymous said...

I have been extremly upset with the teams performance in the World Cup(Bangladesh).
I however,mirror ur thoughts about the public taking to Goondaism.

The way to get our Cricketers perform is def not by putting a gun to their head.

The questions in the writeup with thought provoking.

Anonymous said...

India has lost the match - and what else do u expect us to do than to behave in a way our cricketers would understand.
This is disgusting - Indian team should not play until they are in form.

Anonymous said...

When the world wide web is filled with sarcasm and criticism - this post def makes sense.

India is not bound by Cricket,we can do much more...