Thursday, March 15, 2007


The word Moustache comes to the English language via the Middle French Moustache which in turn is derived from the Old Italian Mustaccio which originates from the Middle Greek Moustaki, a diminutive of Greek mystak.

Common vernacular terms for the moustache are stache, tache, tash, pushbroom and mo. There are numerous others mostly reflecting the moustache's resemblance to a variety of animals.

Found this interesting moustache being sported by a door-keeper in a popular Bangalore Hotel.

Ned Flanders on The Simpsons uses a variety of nicknames for his mustache- nose neighbor, soup strainer, Dr Fuzzenstein, among others. He also once had it called a hippie-lip by a boss.
Popular Moustache's:

  • Dalí - narrow, long points bent or curved steeply upward - Named after Salvador Dalí who was known to sport such a style later in his life.
  • English - narrow, beginning at the middle of the upper lip the whiskers are very long and slightly curled;the ends are pointed slightly upward.
  • Fu Manchu - long, downward pointing ends, generally beyond the chin.
  • Pancho Villa moustache - similar to the Fu Manchu but thicker; also known as a "droopy moustache.
  • Handlebar - bushy, with small upward pointing ends.
  • Fingers - also known as a "spaghetti moustache", because of its stereotypical association with Italian men.
  • Imperial - whiskers growing from both the upper lip and cheeks, curled upward (distinct from the royale, or impériale)
  • Moustachio - bushy moustache, with hair sometimes growing down the sides of the mouth. Also known as the Nosebeard, or the Moustachio Fantastico.
  • Pencil moustache - narrow, thin, closely clipped, outlining the upper lip, with a wide shaven gap between the nose and moustache. Also known as a Mouthbrow.
  • Toothbrush - thick, but shaved except for about an inch (2.5 cm) in the center; associated with Adolf Hitler and Charlie Chaplin.
  • Walrus - bushy, hanging down over the lips, often entirely covering the mouth.
  • GG - bushy hair grown only over the corners of the mouth, shaved in the middle. Named after musician and performing artist GG Allin.


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The French beard is also a popularstyle that is fast catching up with Urbanites.
Good read.

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